Do you ever catch yourself holding your breath?

Perhaps you’ve just been told something that your nervous system can’t quite sort? Again, do you catch yourself holding your breath?


Perhaps you’ve just been diminished in your advocacy or put in your place; just ‘show-up and shut-up’? Again, do you catch your breath?


Perhaps you’ve stated that you can’t handle this workload, and again, the system disregards the unsafe/untenable working conditions? Again, do you catch your breath?

An empty park bench overlooking scenery


What if, as a complete act of defiance, you pause?

What if, you breath in deeply?

What if, we (instead of internalizing it) took notice that perhaps there was a pattern?

What if, you call in the strength of your sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, loves, life itself?

What if, you talk to your nervous system through breath, calming and fortifying yourself?

What if, with that breath, you are claiming your inherent worthiness?

What if, the mere act of breathing in, reminded you that you are not alone?

What if, breathing in, allows you the space for curiosity?

5 words spelled out in scrabble tiles: pause, breathe, ponder, choose, do


Claiming and acting as if, we can retrain ourselves to breath. Pause. Ask for space. In those moments that seem fraught with the playbook of oppressive systems (like, imperialism, patriarchy, caste, colonialism, racism, etc) taking the drivers seat, we regain our power by starting with a breath. That fraction of space allows us choice. We have choice – it may not feel like or seem like a choice, but we do. And there is power in that choice, that was initiated by breathing in.

White supremacy delusion operates on urgency. What if it had to wait?

Now wouldn’t that be curious.

I’m ready, are you?

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