Let’s face it, change isn’t easy, predictable, or comfortable. It is often fraught with doubt, fear, uncertainty, lack of control, and all the emotions. It flows, curls, doubles back, and takes us on loop-de-loops.

Is there a way to celebrate this experience?

Perhaps it’s time to embrace and celebrate this process?

Let’s use our mind for example, as children and young adults moving through the standard education system, we celebrate graduating from elementary and secondary (in Canada). Our minds have developed throughout this time to accommodate the learning we are exposed to. Our relationships are celebrated through becoming life partners or perhaps we celebrate when we end a relationship too. These tend to be part of the way you, your community, and family celebrate. These are often formal celebrations. 

What are ways – formally and informally – that we can celebrate, and honour the change we are experiencing?

Perhaps we have learned something that we cannot unlearn.

Maybe we can let go of the old belief by writing it down and burning it.

Perhaps work consistently is changing and it feels like there is no way to keep up and you’re drowning in anxiety and inability to keep up.

Maybe we can imagine getting into a boat and floating with the river of change.

Perhaps we are in the midst of a pandemic where the rules, the shutdowns, and access to our people are constantly changing.

Maybe we can anchor in the here and now celebrating what we can control and mourning what we can’t.

What is our definition of celebration? Perhaps we need it to expand.

Maybe our celebration entails honouring our experience through writing, dancing, speaking it out loud.

Maybe we celebrate by naming what we are feeling – all of it – the whole range of human emotions.

Maybe celebration includes sharing with others the change you’re experiencing – the process, not the outcome.

Maybe celebration can be anything we do that honours where we are at.

How are you going to celebrate today?

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