This is for the questioners, the dissenters, the romantics, and the rebels

This is for the ones who keep asking questions and bringing new ideas to the table…even though they usually get shut down.

And yet you keep SHOWING UP,

You keep CARING,

You keep TRYING, because it matters that much.

This is for you

You’re an Inside Change Maker

You’re Here to Make an Impact

I help you – INSIDE CHANGE-MAKERS – get resourced and ready to lead change wherever you are without apology, burnout, or playing small.

Social justice and equity within systems of oppression is hard to come by. We have been conditioned to show-up and shut-up. And it’s not your fault. We were not born into a society where social justice and equity is in play AND we do not have to co-sign our reality (h/t Kelly Diels).

It’s not good for us, it’s not good for the people we serve – and frankly, it’s not good for our organizations, either.

Our senior leaders need a team of internally-motivated, highly-skilled leaders to create culture shift and powerful results. Leaders at every level who know how to skilfully build power and advocate for themselves, teams, their clients and their professional standards, are exactly what your organization needs.

You have it within you – so let’s cultivate your potential into its most powerful, potent and skilled form.

How This Training helps you become the leader you wish you had

It is a dialectic process where we challenge our beliefs (because beliefs are created)

Freedom to explore and test the principles is encouraged

Reminders that each and every person involved in delivering, receiving, or questioning are internally resourced and can contribute their wisdom, experience, and perspective

Actionable prompts that allow you to move what you’ve learned from your head  to your heart, and out through your hands (h/t Brené Brown)

Provides a loving, yet growing edge of discomfort that leads to the inside change you desire

Start With Your Values


Start With Your Values: This module teaches you to identify your values and how they guide your decision-making.



Name the Systems: This module teaches you to name the systems so that you can understand how they contribute to maintaining the status quo.



Claim Your Feminism: This module teaches you to claim your feminism so that you can ground yourself in a framework, show up with intentionality, and speak up when you need to stand your ground.



Harness Your Privilege: This module teaches you to understand how privilege plays a part in your life and how you can use this awareness consciously.



Establish Boundaries: This module teaches you to establish boundaries so that you can focus on that which matters most.



Define Your Power: This module teaches you to define your power so that you can use it intentionally and productively.



Cultivate Trusting Relationships: This module teaches you to cultivate trusting relationships to help you surround yourself with thought leaders and accountability partners who will support your growth.



Use Your Voice: This module teaches you to use your voice so that you can be heard.



Honour Your Passion: This module reminds you that your longing for more out of life is valid and to honour your passion.


This is a 10-month certification course starting September 6th, 2022, ending June 23rd, 2023

9 modules – 1 module each month (see course curriculum below)

The last month is for the completion of your capstone project. This is a culmination of the previous nine months of learning.

Unlike other training programs, this capstone project can be completed in any medium you choose; writing, dance, video, artwork, song, poetry, spoken word. You get to choose what you make, how you make it, when, and why. Submission of your final project will result in you receiving your certificate of completion. You will also have the choice as to whether you want to share your project with your cohort. The office hours in June will be used for reflection, consolidation of learning, and sharing for those who would like to do so.

The course costs $4,500. This can be paid up-front, in 3 instalments, or monthly. Custom payment plans can be arranged.

See the payment page for details on a bonus option when doing this work with a number of folk from a specific organization.

Each month there will be a workshop delivered that corresponds with an electronic workbook that can be filled out online or downloaded and printed.

The workshop will be delivered live and recorded for those who can’t make it.

The dates and time for the workshop will vary month to month depending on the guest speakers schedule (some of our speakers are in different time zones) – but they will be delivered within the first half of the month.

I host drop-in office hours every week on Tuesdays at noon EST and 7 pm EST. 

The purpose of these drop-in office hours is to discuss what you’re learning, ask questions, challenge/practice the course content, and learn from others going through this process.

You will have access to the course content and community through an online platform/app MIGHTY NETWORKS. You are encouraged to reach out to others taking the course to support learning and deepen your meaning-making.

The outcome is that you (the inside change-maker) have the resources and are ready to lead change wherever you are without apology, burnout, or playing small.

You do this so you can provide courageous leadership.

You do this so that you can find fulfillment in the reason you do what you do.

You do this so that you can role-model the leadership you want to see in your organization.

You do this because you care. Deeply.

We can be the leaders we were waiting for.

We can show-up and speak-out.

We can lead from wherever we are.

Out-loud. With passion. Unapologetically.

We can make change for ourselves, our teams, our families, and our communities.

We can, and we will.

Because the shifts towards social justice and equity starts inside our organizations.

It starts with our voices and our leadership.

NO MORE show-up and shut-up.

We are the inside change-makers and we are here to lead.


The Investment

Inside Change leadership training is $4,500. You can pay the whole amount up front, in 3 instalments, or monthly. Custom payment options available upon request.

Group Bonus

This work and learning happens in a deeper way when we are able to apply this learning to ourselves and our workplaces. As such, if you gather at least 3 people in your workplace to take this course with you, your workplace cohort will have the opportunity to meet with me weekly to apply the learning to your work.


I offer scholarship spots – the number will be determined as the course fills. Priority for these scholarship seats will be given to people who experience marginalized identities.


An enrolment form will be sent and discovery call scheduled when you express interest.

  • The purpose of the enrolment form is to get to know you, understand your learning needs, any supports needed during the course, and ensure that the content is aligned with the type of learning you want to experience.
  • There is a section in the enrolment form that you can check off to indicate that there will be others in your organization who will be taking the course with you and/or you’re interested in a scholarship spot.
  • Should we be a fit, I will then send along an invoice that can be paid through the different payment options outlined above.


Contact Me
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I live and work on the traditional lands of the Anishnaabeg peoples, past and present. I acknowledge that the foundation of Canada was built by the labour of stolen bodies. We do not live in a just and equitable society; lives continue to be stolen, our society continues to profit from underpaid workers contributions, and the system of colonization maintains a racist, caste-based society. My life’s work is dedicated to unsettling the settler within. (Gratitude for teachers who continue to help me unlearn: Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee, Selam Debs, Naomi Clark, Trevia Woods, and Kelly Diels).

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