Leadership Sessions

You want to make change yet you feel thwarted by the following experiences:

“What we do is more important than what we say or what we say we believe.”

– Bell Hooks

The change we desire starts within. Understanding the circumstances in which we live, work, and play, can give us the ability to gain perspective.

Changing perspective allows you to make informed, conscious decisions that can shift your interactions and experiences in the following ways:

Collaborate with ease

Slow down to make informed decisions

Create an environment of relational politics

Use generative thinking and find flexibility

Move from perfection to practice

Use a lens of intersectionality (people in context and within their social systems)

Leadership and power with, for, and to scenarios

WHAT TO expect:


4 sessions (1 hour each) on Zoom – dates scheduled by you

1st session will be comprised of two parts:

Part 1 – A brief survey completed in advance of our session, to learn about you and the challenges you would like to address

Part 2 – On zoom, explore your role within your environment and review the tools we may use while working together

Sessions 2-4 focus on the issues you face regularly and what skills can be acquired to support you to make the change you desire

What you walk away with is a personalized plan and tools to be an integrated leader: 

A new lens to look through

Tools to share power and be more relational

A process that creates awareness + acceptance + action that = change

Break out of societal expectation (eg. urgency, perfectionism, etc)

Discernment of when and how to disrupt status quo



INTRODUCTORY OFFER – Expires May 31st, 2022

$275 (+13% HST in Canada) for 4 sessions

Can be paid upfront or in installments (with no penalty either way)

Payment in Canada via e-transfer to: fiona@insidechange.com

If in another country, PayPal: fiona@insidechange.com

Introductory offer valid for the initial 4 sessions is from Mar 1st, 2022 – May 31, 2022. After the 4 introductory sessions are completed, hour long sessions will be $175/hour. 

For people who have purchased the initial introductory offer, a package of an additional 4 sessions will be offered as a package for $450. Payment plans are welcome.

Starting in June, the 4 introductory sessions will be $625. Payment plans are welcome.

Payment needs to be made prior to our scheduled session.

Ready to get started?

Optional and not required: Book a 20 minute exploratory call to see whether we would be a good fit. No pressure. No sales. Just checking compatibility and whether or not I might be able to support you in the change you desire. If not, at least we got to have a conversation. 

And if you’re ready to go, send me an email to let me know and I will send you a welcome email and booking link. 

I look forward to working with you.

I live and work on the traditional lands of the Anishnaabeg peoples, past and present. I acknowledge that the foundation of Canada was built by the labour of stolen bodies. We do not live in a just and equitable society; lives continue to be stolen, our society continues to profit from underpaid workers contributions, and the system of colonization maintains a racist, caste-based society. My life’s work is dedicated to unsettling the settler within. (Gratitude for teachers who continue to help me unlearn: Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee, Selam Debs, Naomi Clark, Trevia Woods, and Kelly Diels).

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