In this 90 min workshop, you will learn a robust and practical tool for initiating change from the inside called The Leadership Lens.



The Leadership Lens can equip you to:

  • Get buy-in
  • Navigate difficult personalities
  • Manage up and across
  • Build networks of champions and supporters
  • Predict – and prevent – unintended outcomes
  • Position yourself to be heard
  • Relate deeply across difference
  • See the big picture – and navigate it fluidly


In other words: you’ll get the perspective and practical strategies you need to create change from the inside.

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DATE: October 7th, 2021

TIME: 12:00-3:00pm EST
COST: $275 + hst
ACCESS: Workshop & tool in perpetuity

I live and work on the traditional lands of the Anishnaabeg peoples, past and present. I acknowledge that the foundation of Canada was built by the labour of stolen bodies. We do not live in a just and equitable society; lives continue to be stolen, our society continues to profit from underpaid workers contributions, and the system of colonization maintains a racist, caste-based society. My life’s work is dedicated to unsettling the settler within. (Gratitude for my teachers who continue to help me unlearn: Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee, Naomi Clark, Trevia Woods, and Kelly Diels).

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