How often do we practice curiosity? I have always been curious about the what, why, how, when, of life. I also would regularly have the eye roll response, of oh, there goes Fiona again. Asking questions that don’t have easy answers and on topics we don’t want to talk about…

I want us to feel curiosity in our bones. What would our world look like if we started to wake up to the age-old patriarchal, colonized, caste, racialized, playbook handed to us – both in our personal and work lives? What if we started/continued asking questions. The ones without the easy answers? Those questions that may result in people coming to different conclusions based on their life experiences? Practicing curiosity with the complex experiences we have and create.


What if, when that feeling of dissonance arose, we sat with that feeling?

What if, we (instead of internalizing it) took notice that perhaps there was a pattern?

What if, we (instead of internalizing it) took notice that perhaps there was a pattern?

What if, that pattern was the ‘show-up and shut-up’ paradigm in social institutions?

What if, we linked arms and started naming the system?

What if, we realized we are not alone in our dreams, desires, and hope for a better future?

What if, we realized that there are so many of us with these dreams and desires?

What if, we rose up, stood in solidarity, and said: NO MORE?

What if, we rejected THE STATUS QUO?

In the interim, at the very least, we can start considering, perhaps… practising curiosity? Can the status quo be upheld when we become aware of the patterns we start to see?

WHAT IF we asked questions like: 

How come we are surrounded by individual success stories? How come we rarely also hear about all the different people that supported that person to achieve their success?

What does success look like? Is it a monetary outcome? A project outcome? Is success an outcome? Does desiring and focusing solely on the outcome bypass the process?

Am I feeling fulfilled in the work that I do? Am I making the impact I would like to see? What impact do I want to see?

How am I able to show up as my whole self – at work, at home, at play? Are there places where my whole self shows up? Where? Why there?

What does leadership look and feel like to me?

Practising curiosity is a gift we can give ourselves. As lifelong learners, we have the opportunity to practice curiosity in everything that we do. Audre Lorde said: “For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.”

May we practice curiosity as we examine where we are in relation to the master’s house.

I’m ready, are you?

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